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Nabagraha Puja

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Nabagraha Puja is a traditional Hindu ritual that focuses on the planetary positions within one's horoscope. It is believed that one's past actions and the positions of these grahas (known as doshas) can impact their financial stability and overall well-being. As a solution to these potential sufferings, Hindu astrology recognizes these doshas and recommends performing a special ceremony called Nabagraha Shanti or Nabagraha Homa. It is important to consult a Vedic Pandit and seek their guidance before performing this ritual. Nabagraha Puja or Homa is thought to appease maleficent planets and strengthen benevolent ones, resulting in the removal of obstacles in both personal and professional life.

Samagri List

 Sl.No Name of the Product Quantity 
1 Pataka (White, Red, Yellow, Gray, Black) 9pcs
2 Cloths For Puja ((White, Red, Yellow, Gray, Black)) 2 pcs each
3 Graha Samidha 9 pcs
4 Shakalya
5 Krushna Chandana Katha (Sandalwood)
6 Rakta Chandana Katha (Red Sandalwood)
7 Sweta Chanadan Katha (White Sandalwood )
8 Grahankara
9 Usuna Chaula( Raw Rice)
10 Chopa Laga Biri
11 Saree
12 Bramhana Barana
13 Karta and Karti Dress 
14 Fresh Fruits 5 types (Colours)
15 Fresh Flower 5 types (Colours)

Rs. 899.00
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Nabagraha Puja
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