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Grahashanti Puja

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Through the practice of Graha Shanti Puja, one is able to effectively address various challenges that may arise in their life. The term Navgrah is derived from two Hindi words - Nava meaning "Nine" and Grah meaning "Planets". According to Indian Vedic Astrology, there are nine planets that exert an impact on the existence of an individual, and the positioning of these planets in the Natal chart can greatly influence the path of one's life.

Graha Shanti Puja is undertaken with the goal of reducing the negative effects of the planets that are malefic. It improves the positive energies of a person and the family performing this puja. The planets or grahas for whom this puja is performed are the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and the two shadow planets Rahu and Ketu. These are called the Navagrahas.

Reserve your Graha Shanti Puja Pack and receive the divine Blessings of Nabagraha in your life. Our package includes all necessary items, guided by an experienced Hindu Pandit, ensuring you receive the ultimate benefits from this puja.

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Rs. 1,499.00
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Grahashanti Puja
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