Apple / सेब / ସେଓ
Experience divine freshness in your puja with our handpicked apples. Symbolizing health and prosperity, these crisp fruits make a wholesome offering, adding a sweet touch to your sacred ceremonies.
Rs. 180.00
Banana / केले / କଦଳୀ
Enrich your puja offerings with the sacred sweetness of our premium Bananas. Symbolizing prosperity and purity, these handpicked fruits add a divine touch to your ceremonies. Place them as auspicious offerings, infusing your rituals with the natural blessings of bananas....
Rs. 80.00 Rs. 60.00
Ganesh Pooja Items Pack
Rs. 600.00 Rs. 400.00
Marigold (Gendu)
Enrich your sacred space with the vibrant aura of Marigold (Gendu) flowers. Symbolizing purity and auspiciousness, these golden blooms elevate your puja with their vivid color and uplifting energy. Embrace the traditional beauty and divine significance of Marigold in your...
Rs. 25.00
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